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We have already listed a number of different hosting offers that you can use on your site.

Other than hosting offers, we also publish tutorials around hosting related topics.


Why Do You Need a Good Hosting Plan?

This is a very common question. Can’t I just pick any hosting and start my site?

The answer will be No. The hosting of your site is extremely important. In fact it can make or break your business at times.

The security of your site is largely dependent on the hosting server that you are using for your business.

You need tight security around your site. You need regular backup to make sure that your site is safe all the time.

Another important aspect is the loading time of your site. Google has already made it clear that the loading time of your site is one of the ranking factors.

So, if your site doesn’t load within 3 seconds, you are sure to lose your users as well as ranking of your pages.


What Kind of Hosting Should I Go For?

The answer to this question depends on many different factors, such as the objective of your blog.

If you are just blogging as a passion project, you can go for a cheap shared hosting. However, if blogging if your main business then you must go for a powerful VPS or cloud hosting plan so that your site loading quickly.

It will also depend on the kind of traffic your site is expecting. If you receive very limited traffic, a shared hosting plan form a quality hosting provider is good enough. If your site receives thousands of traffic every day, then you should select a powerful server.

We have listed the top 10 WordPress hosting providers in the homepage, have a look.

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